YouTube Videos

I have selected a number of YouTube playlists under my name. To access them, you only need to select my playlist.

You can access YouTube through various devices which provide YouTube access such as computers, Kindle, iPad, and even Roku (which you can use to watch YouTube videos with your tv).

Once you are in YouTube, you can use flanzafame to access my playlists, which provide a variety of music from classical, jazz, Italian, videos, and even Italian movies (most of which do not have subtitles).

Here is the information to access YouTube via your computer.

Here is my Youtube playlist which should work for you. You can just click the line below to get to my playlist.

YouTube flanzafame playlist

Then click on a created playlists by name (such as Barcelona). Since they are public, they require no passwords. Here are a some of my playlists.

Classical Music

Wind Ensemble                                  Frederick Fennell

Italiani 1600s                                 

Vivaldi                                                 Vivaldi’s Women project





Chris Botti

Ana Vidovic                                           Bio

Leroy Anderson

Jazz Music


Ignasi Terraza                                       Bio

Scott Hamilton                                      Bio

Bud Freeman                                         Bio

Julia Rich                                               Bio

Charlie Orchestra - WWII                    Bio

Music Dancing

Italian Music

Fabrizio De Andrè                                 Bio.

Fausto Cigliano                                     Bio.

Lina Sastri                                             Bio.

Sabrina Musiani                                     Bio.

Gigi D'Alessio                                        Bio.

European Videos



Ulisse: Il Piacere Della Scoperta         Bio.

Rick Steves Europe


Mark Twain Tonight                           Bio

Dave Allen                                             Bio

Lanzafame Family                                            

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