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I have found a fairly large number of complete Italian films on YouTube, YT. If you search in 
by typing in the search window, the phrase

film completo

YT replies with attempts to complete your typing. For example,

Completing the search, YT responds with a number of suggestions which can be followed for specific films. Explore them.

When you find a film, whether from a search or a specific film URL (Universal Resource Locator), offered by someone else, YT offers similar video suggestions down the right side of the page. These are very useful as these suggestions are related to the main video in the video window. For example if the main video is a full length film, the suggestions will be predominantly full length videos. If it is an older film, the suggestions will tend to be of older films.

For example, try the following link and then look along the right hand side, RHS, of the page for related suggestions

Tutti A Casa (1960) un film di Luigi Comencini con Alberto Sordi e Serge Reggiani

I recommend saving similar information to the two lines above for future access (using a simple text editor) -- the first line is a copy of the title on top of the YT window and the 2nd is the URL to access the film (in your browser's search window). I sent some of this information at the end of November and since then, the first two of the 4 films have been removed -- usually this involves copyright issues. I recommend downloading any film of special interest to your computer to insure you can watch it later. I will discuss how to do this a bit later in this series.

Most do not have subtitles which are referred to as Closed Caption. Look for a small red icon with white CC letters on the line under the film. (See the image above.) They can be turned on or turned off. Clicking on the CC spot can indicate the subtitle/Closed Caption language.

Note the film suggestions on the RHS of the above image. The first is usually an ad while the rest are relavant suggestions. Here they are complete films with a single URL judging by the length being over 1 hour and of a similar vintage as the film selected -- Il brigante di Tacca del Lupo (1952) un film di Pietro Germi --

These descriptions hold for films which are complete in a single URL. There are also films which are segmented into 10 or 15 min segments and labeled (for example FilmName Part 1 of 9), indicating the first of 9 segments. You need to follow the segments to see the complete film.


If you find a segmented film, related segments are part of the suggestions on the right hand side. For example, if you find a middle segment such as the following

FilmName Part 4 of 10. You can put that name in the search box and change the 4 to a 1 to locate the first segment:

FilmName Part 1 of 10 and you'll find the URL for the first segment. Watch that segment and then follow the suggestions (usually in the first 2 or 3 suggestions) to the next piece of the film.

Here are four films which I enjoy and had recommended, but the first two have already been removed. Suggestions on the right side of the screen will lead to still more complete films on YT. Once in this mode, you can continue searching for complete films using the suggestions on the right side of the screen.

Cadaveri Eccellenti (1975) un film di Francesco Rosi    WITH ENGLISH SUBS    REMOVED FROM YT

Viva L'Italia (1961) un film di Roberto Rossellini            WITH SPANISH SUBS    REMOVED FROM YT

Tutti A Casa (1960) un film di Luigi Comencini con Alberto Sordi e Serge Reggiani

Il Gatto Mammone (Italia 1975) - Film Completo

Tutti A Casa deals with the abandonment in the field of Italian troops by the government (Pietro Badoglio (Mussolini's successor) and the King) after surrender by Italy to the Allies. The war did not end at this point as the Germans took over the opposition to the Allies. The focus of this film is the poor abandoned troops who try to go home, thinking the war was over.

Il Gatto Mammone is a comedy which may verge on an R rating for sexual content. It deals with stereotypes and involves a man, must produce a son to inherit the business he inherited from his now dead father. The father haunts him regarding his lack of an heir). While I find it quite entertaining, others may be offended -- it is a  matter of taste or my lack thereof.

IN THE FUTURE, it is my intention to describe in detail how one can download these films and create dvds from them. There is considerable free software to accomplish the several steps involved in the process -- if you have a computer, dvd burner, and a high speed internet connection. The first step is downloading a video to your computer in MP4 format and just watching it from you computer.

There is also a way to add subtitles (from SRT files) if one can locate them with Google. However, this is rather complex, but also doable with other free software and the basic computer equipment described above.

In the case of Il brigante di Tacca del Lupo (1952) , a download will not include the subtitles within the film. These CC subtitles are added on YouTube and are not resident in the download file. There is a site from which one can separately extract the subtitles and then go through the process to add them to the downloaded film while burning a dvd. This is a very complex but doable process - details much later.

FOR NOW, let me suggest the free download program.  Free Studio Manager at

This is actually a suite of 44 programs for manipulating audio and video files.

The YouTube section has programs for downloading songs as audio MP3 files which you can add to a player or play from your computer. The MP3 section has options to control the fidelity of the download from very high to quite low including the relatively standard 128 Kbps. The higher the fidelity, the larger the file.

For videos, I use the "Free YouTube to iPod Converter" program. This downloads a film in MP4 format (with choice of Normal or High Quality). I use High Quality which is larger and takes longer, but produces a better quality when played. NOTE, this is not a high dvd quality image. The image is compressed for YouTube, but generally acceptable.

You can play an MP4 formatted film on your computer using either of the following programs. I strongly prefer VLC Media Player which has many features for adjusting the image on your computer screen.

VLC Media Player


Apple's QuickTime Player

Here are some suggestions to begin with (Remember to check the right hand side, RHS, for others). Some are segmented for which I'm indicating the first of the series. Just follow the suggestions on the RHS to watch the rest of the series. Holding your mouse over a title will provide the rest of the title if the segment # isn't visible on the page. If you get a message indicating the film has been removed, there isn't anything that can be done regarding that film.

Your Comments and Questions are Welcomed

Pane, amore e gelosia (1954) un film di Luigi Comencini

Sotto il sole di Roma (1948) un film di Renato Castellani

La cieca di Sorrento rarissimo film con Anna Magnani del 1934 (completo)
Mio riversaggio da pellicola di questo rarissimo film di Nunzio Malasomma del 1934.

Cavalleria (1936) un film di Goffredo Alessandrini              RHS HAS OTHER OLD FILMS

Uomini sul fondo (1941) un film di Francesco De Robertis     CC subs avail

In Nome Della Legge (Pietro Germi, 1948)

La terrazza (1980) un film di Ettore Scola

I quattro monaci - Parte 1 of 7
I quattro monaci è un film di Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia del 1962 con il magnifico cast di Aldo Fabrizi, Nino Taranto, Peppino De Filippo e Erminio Macario.

Nino Manfredi: Il cavalluccio svedese (parte 1/3)

Nino Manfredi: Una donna d'affari (parte 1/3)

Vitti/Manfredi: L'Equivoco (parte 1/2)

Via padova 46 (Lo scocciatore) - Parte 1 of 6
Via Padova 46 è un film del 1953 diretto da Giorgio Bianchi. Con Peppino De Filippo, Alberto Sordi, Giulietta Masina, Memmo Carotenuto, Lidia Martora.


Il brigante di Tacca del Lupo (1952) un film di Pietro Germi   CC Eng subs
Film completo click cc for english subtitles: Il brigante di Tacca del Lupo (1952) un film di Pietro Germi con Fausto Tozzi, Saro Urzì, Amedeo Nazzari, Cosetta Greco, Vincenzo Musolino, Amedeo Trilli, Saro Arcidiacono, Lilli

Le infedeli (1953) un film di Steno e Mario Monicelli 96'CC eng
Film completo click cc for english subtitles: Le infedeli (1953) un film di Steno e Mario Monicelli con Pierre Cressoy, Gina Lollobrigida, May Britt, Marina Vlady, Anna Maria Ferrero, Margherita Bagni, Tina Lattanzi, Carlo Romano, Giulio Calì, Paolo Ferrara, Charles Fawcett, Mimmo Poli, Ignazio Leone, Carlo Mazzarella, Irene Papas, Tania Weber, Ruggero Marchi, Nino Milano


Bronte Cronaca Di Un Massacro Che I Libri Di Storia Non Hanno Raccontato Florestano Vancini 1972 1.47
While Il Gattopardo views the aristocracy at the time of the Risorgimento,
this is a view of the Risorgimento from the point of view of the Contadini in Bronte (West of Mt. Etna)

Li chiamarono Briganti 1/8        This fascinating film by Pasquale Squitieri has been banned in Italy.
Li chiamarono Briganti - 1999 - Lina Sastri, Franco Nero, Enrico Lo Verso
« Il film parla della resistenza degli uomini e delle donne del sud Italia contro i Savoia, alcune scene sono molto forti: carabinieri che stuprano, accordi non rispettati, e sono tutte cose documentate presso l'Archivio di Stato, nel film ci sono tutte le premesse della situazione italiana odierna. »
Li chiamarono... briganti! è un film storico diretto nel 1999 da Pasquale Squitieri, incentrato sulle vicende del brigante lucano Carmine Crocco e della sua banda. Venne subito sospeso nelle sale di proiezione ed è, attualmente, di difficile reperibilità. Ciononostante, il film è divenuto un importante punto di riferimento per i sostenitori antirisorgimentali e i nostalgici del Regno delle Due Sicilie, inoltre ha riscosso un grande successo in alcuni convegni e università.!

Garibaldi il generale (1987 con Franco Nero regia di Luigi Magni) parte 1 di 35
This fine series by Luigi Magni runs almost 400 minutes and was a series on Italian TV, the RAI.


Fascismo a Colori. 90

Benito Mussolini (1962) un film di Roberto Rossellini e Pasquale Prunas  Span Subs   108'
Film completo (Tve Rip) subtítulos en español: Benito Mussolini (1962) un film documentario di Roberto Rossellini e Pasquale Prunas, voce narrante di Romolo Valli

Vita di Mussolini (1/13)

La guerra sporca di Mussolini 1/6

Grandi biografie - Giuseppe Mazzini 60'  
La Storia Siamo Noi

Blu Notte - L'ombra oscura della P2 114      

Grandi Biografie - Garibaldi Il diavolo rosso     

Grandi biografie - Antonio Gramsci 59      

Dopo L'Olocausto Le Vendette Delle Brigate Ebree La Storia Siamo Noi       

Tangentopoli Story Censurato Rai 1997 Forza Italia Son TornatiGomorra,Loggia p2,Heroes,Lost,Dottor     

Blu Notte - Il Caso Enrico Mattei 50      

La Storia siamo noi - CIA: la guerra segreta (1/2)     

La Storia siamo noi - Generale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa: il prefetto dei cento giorni  59    

Storia d'Italia - 00 - Dall'Unita' d'Italia a Giolitti (1861-1913) istituto Luce 1.32

Storia D'Italia - 01 - Dal disastro coloniale alla 1 guerra mondiale (1866-1918) Istituto Luce 1.15

Storia d'Italia 02 - Da Giolitti alla Grande Guerra (1903-1918) Istituto luce

Storia d'italia 03 - Fra le due guerre, la dittatura (1923-1939) Istituto Luce

Storia D'italia 04 - I Primi Anni Della Repubblica (1947 - 1963) Istituto Luce 1.29

Storia d'Italia - 05 - Il movimento femminista italiano (1945-1965)     +LINKS

Storia d'Italia 06 - Dalla prima Repubblica al berlusconismo (1963-2000) Istituto Luce  1.52

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