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Starring ME, Louie

I was born on May 5, 2005 and I am a Great Pyrenees, please note the emphasis on Great. We Pyrs are not just oversized canines. We are very serious guard dogs with huge responsibilities which we don't take lightly -- to protect against bears, wolves, predators, and the occasional leaf that crosses our domain. We bark to warn the enemy that we mean business. It is the only thing we bark about -- not to go out, not to come in , not to ask for food, etc. Barking is serious business. Sometimes we do bark pre-emptively -- just in case there is a hidden enemy that needs to be warned.

When my adoptive parents took a trip to Italy in June of 2005, their children took a trip to Martville, NY -- to find an anniversary present -- ME. There was a slight disagreement as Mary wanted me and Joe wanted my brother, Willie, (for whatever reason). Mary won (as usual) but Joe couldn't leave my brother behind, so he adopted Willie. Willie is a charming little fellow, but I've always been bigger and more pushy. Here are some of our baby pictures -- aren't we cute!!!

Mary & me
Mary Thinks I'm Cute
Mom and Grandma
Here's Mom and Grandma
My Dad
Here's My Dad
Cute me
Damn, I am Cute
(Some paws, ehh?)
Willie & me
Willie & Me Looking For a New Home
He's Kinda Cute.
(But he's no me!)
Mom's impressed
Mom's Impressed.
(Cuteness pays off.)
Willie & me
Willie & Me Sharing a Drink
Dirt is Great
Mom Doesn't Understand.
(Dirt is so cool!)


Bad Hair
I Think I'm Growing.
(What's a bad hair day?)
Smaller Laps
Are the Laps Getting Smaller?

They Shrunk the People.
(Hi, shorty!)
Place at the Table
Can I Sit At the Table?
Table Food
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
[Where's the chow?]
My First Christmas
My First Christmas

My Twinkle Toes Brother
(Pyrs rule and lead, fella.)
(Check out my page HERE)
Belly Rub
Bro Also Likes His Belly Rubbed.
(A little to the left.)

Dirty Willie
Bro Loves Dirt.
(I clean up well.)


The Great Pyrenees Project


The Starter Kit

Big Dog - No Lap

Feed Me For 9 Months

That's my story. I am a work in progress. While my dad is retired, he's kind of slow and it has taken him some time to do MY web page. If I only had opposable thumbs, I would have done it myself. Still, I make retirement a joy!

Retirement Joys

The Joys of Retirement

For those of you who are attracted by 150 lbs of apparent cuteness, just remember that I am definitely not a friendly Golden Retriever in a big white dog suit. I am a very bright, guard dog and need to be handled appropriately.

If you are not calm assertive, I will not be calm submissive (Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer). I will be in charge of our pack. Like the Mafia, I will provide you with protection -- but at a price!

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