Italian Flag 1946 Keyboard Configuration
With Italian Accent Marks
Italian Flag 1946

This method for typing international characters is easy to remember and use compared with methods which require typing the key code number for the desired character. These instructions are for setting Italian accent capability with WINDOWS 98 on the ibm-pc. This is a function of the operating system and will work in all word processors, email programs, chat programs, etc. It may work on other versions of Windows with slight variations. Modified instructions for Windows XP are contained in curly brackets {XP }.    To find information on the Macintosh, click here .

Go to the following sections on your computer:
  1. Control Panel
  2. Keyboard   {XP Regional & Language Options }
  3. Language Tab   {XP Language Tab, THEN select Details }
    • Add
        Language -->
        Select Italian(Standard)  WIN98 requires the Installation CD
                     {XP version I tried did not require the Installation CD }
    • Properties
        Keyboard Layout ->
        Select United States-International (others don't have the same key response)

    • Switching Language Keyboards
      Windows 98
      • Select Hot Key Combination (if desired)
      • Enable Indicator on Taskbar
        Select this option since it allows switching between Italian and
        normal English Keyboard from the Task Bar
      XP has different settings to Switch Language Keyboards
      • Key Settings allows one to select and set Hot Keys for switching keyboards
      • Language Bar also has several options to configure the switching between keyboards
        (also from the Task Bar)
This combination (Italian Standard with United States International Keyboard Layout) enables typing accented keys without memorizing the location of keys. For Example:

      è     È     città     sarò    

requires only typing of the tilde and then key you want to have this grave accent.

      perché     cosí     piú    

requires only typing the single quote and then the key you want to have this acute accent.

If you want single or double quotes themselves (since they now begin an accented type of character), type the character followed by the spacebar.


For the Macintosh, there are a number of references;   search at and search on

"International characters"     Macintosh

be sure to use the quotes on the first two words, a space, and then the word Macintosh

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