Fall 2007 Film Series
at   the
Casa Italiana,
Nazareth College of Rochester, NY

The Fall 2007 Film Series will consist of a variety of fine films shown Sunday afternoons at 4:00 PM in the Casa Italiana. Following the table of dates, times, and titles of the Casa Italiana Fall Series a brief description of each film is provided here .

Casa Italiana of Nazareth College

Sunday afternoons  

All films are free of charge, open to the public, and dedicated to an appreciation of Italian Language and Culture through Film.

Date Time Title Duration Director English Subtitles
Sep. 23 4:00 pm Caterina Va In Città [Caterina in the Big City] 102 min. Paolo Virzì Italian with English subtitles
Oct. 7 4:00 pm Filumena Marturano 101 min. Eduardo De Filippo Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES
Oct. 21 4:00 pm Le Fate Ignoranti [His Secret Life] 106 min. Ferzan Ozpetek Italian with English Subtitles
Nov. 4 4:00 pm Arrivano I Bersaglieri [Here Come The Bersaglieri] 124 min. Luigi Magni Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES
Nov. 18 4:00 pm Piccolo Mondo Antico [Tides of Change] 3 hr. 8 min. Cinzia Th. Torrini Italian with English subtitles
Dec. 16 4:00 pm Il Cuore Altrove [The Heart Is Elsewhere]
       Cancelled Due To Snow
107 min. Pupi Avati Italian with English subtitles

Caterina Va in Città

Caterina Va in Città    [Caterina in the Big City]   (2003)  
Directed by Paolo Virzì

Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 4:00 PM
In Italian   with English subtitles   (102 min.)

This is an enjoyable film about a young girl who moves from her bucolic Tuscan town to Rome where her father, a disillusioned teacher, has taken a new job. Caterina attends the school her father did and becomes friends with the children of his former classmates, who are now politically and socially important. They are an assortment of rich brats -- obnoxious leftists and obnoxious conservatives. Caterina is a sweet, innocent child, who wants to go to music conservatory. This is a generational portrait of modern Italy

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Filumena Marturano
Filumena Marturano

Filumena Marturano   (1962)
Written, Directed and Starring Eduardo De Filippo

Sunday October 7, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.  
In Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES   (101 min.)

Filumena (Regina Bianchi), a former prostitute, and Domenico lived together for some 26 years before she feigned being near death and convinced him to marry her. She wanted a family for her three sons of whom he has been unaware. She used his money to pay three adoptive parents to raise them. The boys are unaware of who their mother is. Domenico is incensed and attempts to get the marriage annulled. The resolution of these issues is the focus of this classic and best known of Eduardo's work. Presented in many countries, it is best known as Vittorio De Sica's 1964 Matrimonio All'Italiana. There is a charming intimacy to this stage version of the play.

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Le Fate Ignoranti
Le Fate Ignoranti

Le Fate Ignoranti
[His Secret Life]
Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian   with English subtitles   (106 min.)

Antonia's (Margherita Buy) beloved husband is suddenly killed by a car. She is crushed until she discovers he has had a lover. Her curiosity motivates her to discover this secret life. The plot follows her search and leads to the fact that the lover was a man. She finds his other life difficult to believe after some 15 years of marriage. The object of his affection, Michele (Stefano Accorsi) lives in a huge apartment with an assortment of gay and transgendered friends. The film is well crafted as is much of Ferzan Ozpetek's work (La Finestra di Fronte, Cuore Sacro). It is less about these characters in her husband's other life, but about Antonia's grieving and moving on with her life.

Additional information on Le Fate Ignoranti may be found here .

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Arrivano I Bersaglieri
Arrivano I Bersaglieri

Arrivano I Bersaglieri
[Here Come The Bersaglieri]
Directed by Luigi Magni

Sunday November 4, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES   (124 min.)

This historical comedy was written and directed by Luigi Magni whose work has focused on Rome at various periods in history. In 1870, Rome was still governed by the Pope when General La Marmora captured Rome, ending the Pope's temporal reign and completing Italian unification. Don Prospero (Ugo Tognazi) is a Papalino ( follower of the Pope) and determined that the Bersaglieri (Italian troops) be driven from Rome and the Pope returned to power. After the armistice, Prospero's son is killed by an Italian soldier who seeks refuge in Prospero's own home, where his wife and daughter fall for him. Magni weaves a sense of the period's history into an interesting and humorous plot.

Additional information on Arrivano I Bersaglieri may be found here .

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Piccolo Mondo Antico
Piccolo Mondo Antico

Piccolo Mondo Antico
(Tides of Change)
Written and Directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini

Sunday November 18, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian with English subtitles   (3 hr. 8 min.)

Piccolo Mondo Antico is based on Antonio Fogazzaro's esteemed 1895 novel, and set in 19th Century Lombardy, under Austrian domination. It begins with the marriage of Franco and Luisa, that meets opposition from Franco's grandmother, the Marchesa, and his only "parent". This cold-hearted matriarch forbids the marriage because Luisa is of a lower class. Franco ignores her and is disinherited. He becomes involved in the movement to liberate Lombardy and other Italian states from foreign domination and create a new Italy. The Marchesa condemns Franco's political agenda and cooperates with the Austrians to oppose him. Tragedy befalls the couple and they become estranged. The film concludes with Franco leaving for the Crimean War. This very beautiful movie is filmed at Lakes Como and Lugano. While rather long at 3 hrs., the film moves briskly and one is surprised at how quickly it passes. Reminiscent of "Il Gattopardo", this is in many respects the best of the fall films.

Additional information on Piccolo Mondo Antico may be found here .

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Il Cuore Altrove
Il Cuore Altrove

Il Cuore Altrove
(The Heart Is Elsewhere)
Directed by Pupi Avati

Sunday December 16, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.
       Cancelled Due To Snow
In Italian with English subtitles     (107 min.)

Nello (Neri Marcoré), a 35-year-old teacher of Greek and Latin, is sent to Bologna by his father, Cesare (Giancarlo Giannini), the owner of the Papal tailor's shop in Rome. His father hopes Nello will find a wife in Bolgna and produce an heir for the business. After several unsuccessful efforts, Nello meets Angela, an exuberant, beautiful young blind girl with whom he falls hopelessly in love. The girl's father and Nello's parents do not approve of the relationship, but the real problem is Angela's temperament. The film's focus is Nello and his attempts to find a wife. The cinematography is breath taking. This fine film won a number of awards and nominations for Best Director and Best Original Story by Pupi Avati and Best Actor by Neri Marcoré.

Additional information on Il Cuore Altrove may be found here .

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