Fall 2006 Film Series
at   the
Casa Italiana,
Nazareth College of Rochester, NY

The Fall 2006 Film Series will consist of a variety of films with some focusing on the Holocaust along with some newer, award-winning Italian films. All films will be Sunday afternoons at 4:00 PM in the Casa Italiana.

Following the table of dates, times, and titles of the Casa Italiana Fall Series a brief description of each film is provided here .

Casa Italiana of Nazareth College

Sunday afternoons  

All films are free of charge, open to the public, and dedicated to an appreciation of Italian Language and Culture through Film.

Date Time Title Duration Director English Subtitles
Sept. 24 3:00 pm Primo Levi Lecture - "I know what it means not to return."   Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander  
Oct. 1 4:00 pm La Tregua [The Truce] 125 min. Francesco Rosi Dubbed in English
Oct. 15 3:00 pm Lecture: Political Aspects of Fascism in Italy    (film to follow)   Dr. Italo Savella  
Oct. 15 4:00 pm Concorrenza Sleale [Unfair Competition] 105 min. Ettore Scola Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES
Nov. 12 4:00 pm Perlasca, un Eroe Italiano [Perlasca, an Italian Hero] 195 min. Alberto Negrin Italian with English Subtitles
Dec. 3 4:00 pm Prima Dammi un Bacio [ Kiss Me First ] 84 min. Ambrogio Lo Giudice Italian with English subtitles
Dec. 17 4:00 pm Cuore Sacro [ Sacred Heart ] 120 min. Ferzan Ozpetek Italian with English subtitles

La Tregua
La Tregua

La Tregua    [The Truce]   (1996)  
Directed by Francesco Rosi

Sunday, October 1, 2006 at 4:00 PM
Dubbed in English   (125 min.)

Based on the autobiography of Primo Levi, this is the true story of Italian Jews returning home from Auschwitz after the war. This film has won several awards at a number of film festivals including 1997 David di Donatellos for Best Director, Film, and Production.

Additional information on La Tregua may be found here .

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Concorrenza Sleale
Concorrenza Sleale

Concorrenza Sleale   (2001)
Directed by Ettore Scola

Sunday October 15, 2006 at 4:00 P.M.  
In Italian with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES   (105 min.)

The emergence of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in Fascist Italy sets the stage for this historical drama. The competition is between an Italian tailor and a next door Jewish-Italian haberdasher. The rivalry builds until the racial laws intervene, and the Italian sees his neighbor slowly stripped of his property, rights, and dignity. Scola again examines a wider historical event through its effect on individuals. This film was nominated for a number of awards including Best Music, Cinematography, Screenwriting and Best Actor; it won a 2001 Donatello for Best Production and Moscow Film Festival for Best Director.

Additional information on Concorrenza Sleale may be found here .

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Perlasca, Un Eroe Italiano

Perlasca, Un Eroe Italiano
[Perlasca, An Italian Hero]
Directed by Alberto Negrin

Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian   with English subtitles   (195 min.)

This is the story of Giorgio Perlasca (strongly portrayed by Luca Zingaretti) who saved over 3000 Hungarian Jews from concentration camp in 1944. While it may be seen as another Schindler's List, this shorthand reference belies the differences (I found it better). The setting is Hungary where the dictator sought contact with the Allies in 1944. The Third Reich was crumbling and Hitler supported Hungarian Nazi extermination of Jews. The horror of the persecution is sometimes vividly shown such as the mass execution scene where couples were tied together, the husband shot, and both then dumped in the Danube (not suitable for children). The striking part about Perlasca, beside his courage, decency, and selflessness, is the fact that after the war he returned home to Padua and made no mention of his deeds -- not even to his family. He was discovered in the early 1980s by some of the women he had saved and honored by "The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous" for his efforts.

Additional information on Perlasca, Un Eroe Italiano may be found here .

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Prima Dammi Un Bacio
Prima Dammi Un Bacio

Prima Dammi Un Bacio [ Kiss Me First ]   (2003) 
Written & Directed by Ambrogio Lo Giudice

Sunday December 3, 2006 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian with English subtitles   (84 min.)

This is an exceptionally beautiful film about two people, marked by fate at birth in 1927 and delivered by their mothers at the same moment, a few inches from each other. As children, they exchange wedding vows and rubber rings; with the intervention of WWII, their lives separate, but continually intersect. The narrator is Loris, their slightly older friend who married them as children and becomes a priest, providing the link between them. They are two halves of the same soul, joined at birth and separated for nearly an entire lifetime. The hauntingly beautiful theme song by Lucio Dalla won a 2004 Silver Ribbon for Best Song from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists. Writer-Director Ambrogio Lo Giudice was nominated for the Golden St. George by the Moscow Film Festival.

Additional information on Prima Dammi Un Bacio may be found here .

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Cuore Sacro
Cuore Sacro

Cuore Sacro (Sacred Heart)    (2005)  
Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

Sunday December 17, 2006 at 4:00 P.M.
In Italian with English subtitles   (120 min.)

Irene (Barbara Bobulova is a strong, award-winning business woman whose career is derailed by inspiration from a young waif, who combines thievery and lying with a life of service to the needy. While there is a fair bit of religious symbolism in the film, the "sacred heart" arises from a belief of Irene's mother in a second heart within each of us that has to be discovered and nurtured. Barbora Bobulova won a 2005 David di Donatello Best Actress and the film was nominated for Donatellos and Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists awards including Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Music, and Cinematography. This is another finely crafted film by Ferzan Ozpetek (Finestra di Fronte / Facing Windows) and is a beautiful integration of plot, cinematography and music.

Additional information on Cuore Sacro may be found here .

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