Kingdom of Naples

There are a number of fascination songs on Youtube with a variety of video images -- either singers performing the songs or an interesting collection of appropriate images.


Kingdom of Two Sicilies     Sole Cielo E Mare     Sun, Sky, and Sea    Gigi D'Alessio, Mario Merola & Maria Nazionale with excellent video

Naples     Napule     Gigi D'Alessio, Gigi Finizio, Sal Da Vinci & Lucio Dalla     singers & Naples images

Nostalgia For A Lost Kingdom:

Borbons - Kingdom of the Two Sicilies     Borboni - Regno delle due Sicilie     Il Regno delle due'era e come finý
The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies -- how it was and how it ended -- Lamentations on the fall of the Borbons

If I Were San Gennaro     Se Io Fossi San Gennaro     Federico Salvatore

The Petard in the Kingdom of Naples     Il Peto Nel Regno Di Napoli     Federico Salvatore  

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