Chemistry True Type Font

I have created a chemistry specific TrueType font set which can facilitate the production of chemistry documents.   While screen representations of these characters exhibit slight pixel imperfections, they print quite sharply at 300 dpi or higher.

Sample Font Characters

It contains an assortment of characters including: These characters are designed as a fixed width font to facilitate the building of simple molecules on a page without having to resort to more complex model building software.

One way convenient way to generate simple molecules in MS Word is to insert a text box, fill it with spaces using this font, and then move around the box in over-write mode, placing the atoms and bonds where desired. The text box can be anchored on the page in specific locations, shaded and outlined while text is located next to the box. Formatting of the textbox provides control over the placement and appearance of the molecules it contains.

cis 1,2-dichloroethylene     dichloromethane 

Orbital Diagram

True Type Font Documentation
Additional samples of this font may be seen in this   PDF file   (62 kbytes) , which contains a keyboard template, some instructions and examples. The template can be printed from the PDF viewer and used as a keyboard guide to the location of these characters..

The PDF format requires the Acrobat Viewer which is present on the MCC computers in the learning centers. It is also available at no cost for your own computer on the World Wide Web at a number of sites, including   .    Select the free Acrobat Viewer, download it, and install it on your computer.

True Type Font for the PC
You may download a copy of my TrueType Font Set,   1LanzCHE.ttf  ,   (55 kbytes) which installs with the full name,   1LanzChemistry ,   OR   a zipped file containing both the PDF file and the TTF file   (86 kbytes) .

The font set is provided with no warranty and no charge .   It may be freely exchanged (with attribution) as long as no charge is made for it.  It should be kept together with the PDF file, since the template is a useful guide to accessing the character set.

Converted Version for the Mac
You may download a copy of my TrueType Font Set which has been converted for the Mac,   1LanzCHE.sit.hqx  ,   (40 kbytes) which installs with the truncated name,   1LanzChe .   Just download, decode, and install (drag and drop the file onto the system folder).

It appears to work correctly with WordPerfect, but there are apparently problems with Microsoft Office 98 for Mac. It seems to render on the screen, but not print correctly. I have no way of correcting the Mac problem. If any of the Mac people find a work around, I will post the information here when I learn of it.

The Mac Conversion Process
The conversion from ttf to Mac format was done by Edward Lindley and Christopher P Smith.   The TTConverter1.5 program used was obtained from

After decoding by Stuffit Expander, simply drag and drop the ttf file onto the TTConverter icon. In the subsequent dialog box, name the converted font file something like 1LanzCHE, then click the Customize FOND button and give the font a name.

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